31039 is an online platform that enables organisations small and large to implement purposeful, solution-oriented and even binding participatory processes – and all of that at no cost. Users can register on the platform, create their own Adhocracy group  and administrate it independently. The group can be customised according to the users' individual needs, choosing from features such as idea collection, collaborative editing of text documents, voting, calendar and so on. has been used by more than 600 different organisations for their respective purpose, among them local chapters of political parties or civil society organisations from basically all around the world.  

The participation platform

A total of 3800 proposals and about 8000 comments were submitted via Adhocracy. Due to the constant further development of our open source software Adhocracy and the big changes of the software in its new versions, it was no longer possible to update old platforms to the new version. At the same time it is extremely important to collect the public discussions and results of the participation projects permanently. Fortunately, there were no more activities on most of the platforms. Therefore we decided to archive our platforms in 2017. Thus the existing but outdated platforms were archived:

The aim was to continue making the content of the online discussions visible to the public irrespective of the technical framework conditions. For this purpose, the interactive platforms were converted into static content by scripts programmed by us and decoupled from the original software.

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