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Liquid Democracy.

We are a non-profit organization, working on the development and implementation of innovative concepts for democratic participation. We focus on the potentials of the Internet to create more accessible ways of decision-making. Here you can learn more about our organization, our goals, current projects and news from us.

OPIN.me is a new and easy-to-use youth participation platform!


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April 28, 2017

Pecha ...was?

Am 8. Mai veranstalten wir unser erstes Liquid Pecha Kucha. Wir versammeln dabei etablierte und neue Civic-Tech-Initiativen, und erwarten gute Diskussionen und frische Ideen. Mit dabei sind: openPetition, Kleiner Fünf, politik-digital.de, Volksentscheid Fahrrad und viele mehr!


Feb. 21, 2017

...we first need to change our political culture!

Our managing director Rouven Brües gave an in-depth interview to openDemocracy.net and talked about our work, the future and challenges of online participation.