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Liquid Democracy.

We are a non-profit organization, working on the development and implementation of innovative concepts for democratic participation. We focus on the potentials of the Internet to create more accessible ways of decision-making. Here you can learn more about our organization, our goals, current projects and news from us.

OPIN.me is a new and easy-to-use youth participation platform!


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Feb. 21, 2017

...we first need to change our political culture!

Our managing director Rouven BrĂ¼es gave an in-depth interview to openDemocracy.net and talked about our work, the future and challenges of online participation.


Jan. 6, 2017

Ein Update zum Jahreswechsel

Wir fassen die letzten 12 Monate zusammen und verraten dabei auch, was 2017 bringen wird.