Liquid Democracy is a Think & Do Tank based in Berlin

Democratic decision-making needs to be more flexible, dynamic and transparent. Our mission as a non-profit organization is to promote the advantages of civic engagement through online participation.

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Beim dreiwöchentlichen Review-Meeting werden alle neuen Features vorgestellt und diskutiert

Liquid Democracy is an innovator in the field of participatory democracy. We believe participation is key to individual empowerment and active citizenship. Our work is based on the belief that democracy in its current form would benefit from increased flexibility and greater opportunities for direct engagement in the political process. In short, that the barriers to direct democracy become »liquefied.«

We are a non-partisan, non-profit organization based in Berlin. We like to describe ourselves as a ‘Think & Do Tank’. Since our founding in 2009, we have worked on developing innovative techniques and methods to promote citizen participation. The core of our work revolves around the development of Adhocracy, a free and open-source software and digital participation tool providing users with various civic participation tools.

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All new features are presented and discussed at the triweekly review meeting

Our work requires us to cooperate with a wide range of institutions: from grassroots campaigns to political parties, town councils to federal agencies, and local initiatives to international organizations. 

We employ digital technologies to integrate individuals in the decision-making process. Recognizing that technology use differs throughout the world, our software tools are designed to be as efficient, open and accessible as possible to ensure they can be used by a variety of users at any given time.

Our Competencies

Innovative Concepts for Online Participation

Democratic decision-making needs to be more flexible, dynamic, transparent and accross differnet media. We develop concepts catering to the individual needs and goals of our partners such as public administrations and institutions, political parties, companies, media outlets and civic organisations. Our aims is to harness the opportunities of online participation and decision-making in the field of civic participation, urban planning and development by adapting to different target groups while keeping the need of an active moderation to a minimum.

Development of Open and Innovative Software Solutions

Since 2009 we realise innovative participation projects by continually refining and developing our open source software Adhocracy to meet the individual needs of our users. This is why our softwar is actively used by up to 50.000 users daily. We additionally develop other software solutions with a strong focus on participation, such as map-based software. We chose to publish our code as free software under an open-source license (AGPLv3) to build trust in civic engagmenet through transparency, independence and openness.

Cross-Media Approach

Modern participation and decision-making processes rely on interleaving various media, methods and communication channels: online as well as locally on-site. We advise and conceptualise participation processes across mutliple media. Thanks to our network and pool of proficient and qualified partners we can offer the realisation of online as well as on-site participation processes from the start to the end.

Moderation and Community Management

We offer a full and comprehensive community management support for our partners. This ranges from a daily active moderation of discussions in participation projects to full editorial and communication support for the whole participation process: creating editorial content, communication with all participants through social media and newsletters, etc.

Research on online participation

Our goal as non-profit organisation is to innovate democratic participation and decision-making. To this end we do research within various interdisciplinary networks of academics and practitioners as well as national and international research projects (BMBF, EU-H2020). In 2009 we founded the Reserach Network Liquid Democracy (FoLD), as an initiative to research the implementation of participatory software in the context of public government, politics and civil society. We are also board member of the Fortschrittkolleg NRW Online-Partizipation of the Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf.

Evaluation and Analysis of Participation Processes

We offer impact-oriented analyses and evaluations of participation processes on the basis of various data sources such as usage statistics, webanalytics, user surveys and content analysis. We examine and review the implemented tools and methods regarding their impact and goals. We also publish important insights of our analyses and research in specialist journals and on conferences.

Our Team

Katharina Albers 2018

Katharina Albers

Software Development


Johannes Dillmann

Software Development

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Carolin Klingsporn

Project Management

Ricardo Lanari 2018

Ricardo Lanari



Sabine Lebek

Project Management

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Robert Mader

System Administration


Yves Müller

Software Developement

Magdalen Noffke

Magdalena Noffke

Software Development

Gereon Rahnfeld

Gereon Rahnfeld

Project Management

Moritz Ritter

Moritz Ritter

Managing Direction

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Marie-Kathrin Siemer

Project Management

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Luca Thüer

Project Management (intern)

Frederik Wegener

Frederik Wegener

Business Development


Jan Weinert

Finances and Administration

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Sascha Zinke

Software Development

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Sandy Zukowski

Interaction Design