Our vision is a democratic culture in which active participation is a given for everyone.

Liquid Democracy is an innovative concept for liquefying rigid structures that limit our democracy. And Liquid Democracy is us: a non-profit association from Berlin dedicated to the further development and application of this idea. We work to make democratic processes better on a large and small scale. And for us, better means above all: more participatory, more transparent and more equal.

Team Members

Salome Ast

Fundraising Managerin

Steffen Blindow (he/him)

Project Management

Auf dem Bild ist ein weißer Smiley auf grünorangenem Grund abgebildet..

Julian Dehm

System Administration

Janek Gulbis (he/him)

Project Mangement

Laura Antje Hoffmann (she/her)

Office Management

Mara Karagianni (they/them)

Software Development

Tietje Khieu (he/him)

Project Management

Pascal Kienast (he/they)

Project Management

Auf dem Bild ist ein weißer Smiley auf hellblau und lilanem Grund abgebildet.

Nane Klein-Luyten


Carolin Klingsporn

Board, Project Management, Fundraising

Foto von Ricardo Lanari.

Ricardo Lanari

Finances / Controlling, Project Management

Auf dem Bild ist Maria Lederer zu sehen.

Maria Lederer (she/her)

Public Relations

Marlene Mittmann (she/her)

Project Mangement

Micaela Rava (she/her)

Software Development

Mia lächelt in die Kamera.

Mia Reyes (she/her)


Auf dem Bild ist Moritz Ritter abgebildet.

Moritz Ritter (he/him)

Managing Director

Marie-Kathrin Siemer (she/her)

Managing Director

We are convinced that the system of representative democracy should allow more direct participation. That's why we develop the free participation software "Adhocracy", which makes it easy to put digital democracy into practice. And we help organizations, initiatives and administrations to implement digital participation processes: by sharing our many years of experience in workshops and consulting services. Because effective digital democracy is more than just digital tools. It needs real opportunities for participation, the activation of participants, and a link to analog events and workshops.

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