Our association deals with a variety of topics in the field of digital participation. Find a summary of our main focus areas down below.

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Artificial intelligence and democracy

Since 2020, we have increasingly been dealing with the opportunities as well as the risks associated with artificial intelligence and democracy. In partnerships with universities, research institutions and other civil society organizations, we are currently testing the integration of AI models in our participation software Adhocracy and are researching the impact of AI-supported moderation on online discussions.

Youth Participation

We are convinced that digital participation can help to engage young people better in decision-making processes. As an association, we have been working on the topic of youth participation for a long time and develop free participation platforms for a respectful dialogue.

Municipal participation

The goal of municipal participation is to facilitate a direct and constructive dialogue between citizens, communities, and organizations. By working closely with municipalities and city councils, we create individual participation solutions.

Participation in political institutions

We work with political institutions and democratic parties to enable and shape participatory processes. In the past, we have already implemented projects with the SPD, the Grüne, or the Bundestag.

Civil society initiatives

As an association, we are committed to putting digital democracy on the political agenda. With initiatives such as "Demokratie für Alle!" and "#digitaleZivilgesellschaft", we are committed to enable more people to participate in politics.