Here’s a selection of our recent projects.

We are developing the meinBerlin platform for residents of Berlin to participate in the decision-making and urban planning of their city.


In cooperation with Stiftung Mercator and MitOst e.V, we have implemented the European-wide competition Advocate Europe.

Advocate Europe

We built an online forum where users can provide input regarding the future of Tempelhofer Feld in Berlin.

Online Participation Tempelhofer Feld

We enable the collaborative editing of the SPD's digital agenda.


In this project funded by the European Commission, we develop a tool for the analysis of open data sets along with an international research consortium.

Policy Compass, which we develop in collaboration with our international partners, is a platform designed as a hub for European youth participation.


Our free and easily accessible platform enables organizations small and large to internally implement democratic decision making processes.

In collaboration with politic-digital and Marina Weisband we are testing Liquid Democracy in high schools   and thus contribute to the formation of future democratic citizens.