Support Liquid Democracy now! For an active democratic culture

Thank you very much for wanting to support Liquid Democracy! We are a non-profit association that develops and implements innovative concepts for democratic participation (Our Statutes). In doing so, we rely primarily on the potential of the Internet to make decision-making processes more accessible.

Democracy is close to our hearts and we are fortunate to have been committed to it on a daily basis for 10 years. However, many people do not have the time every day to think about how our democracy could be strengthened and improved. With a donation you too could make a valuable contribution.

As a donor you provide concrete support:

  • the further development of, the open source and free participation platform for associations, communities, political parties and much more
  • the implementation of participation projects, such as SpeakUp, which are intended to promote an equal and democratic culture.
  • our participation in discussion events as well as the implementation of workshops to carry our ideas and knowledge about digital democracy into the world.

Our values are: innovation, participation, non-profit, open source and independence.

Learn more about the vision and values of Liquid Democracy.

How do I get a donation receipt?

We are legally obliged to issue a donation receipt for donations of 200€ or more and to keep the name and amount of the transfer for the tax office. On request, we can also issue donation receipts for smaller sums. In our donation form you can request them directly during the process. For this we collect name, organisation, e-mail address, postal address, account information such as IBAN and name of the bank, the total amount, date and type of donation. We use the data exclusively to issue the donation receipt. For further information, please see our privacy policy.