since 2014
ca. 11.000
Regierender B├╝rgermeister von Berlin - Senatskanzlei

One of our most ambitious projects is the development of meinBerlin, a central participation platform for Berlin's citizens. The platform is the first point of contact for all digital participation offerings in the capital that emanate from politics and administration. Its aim is to bundle all possible participation procedures - both at state and district level - in one place and thus make them easy for citizens to find and access. At the same time, myBerlin enables administrative staff to obtain citizen feedback on their projects with little effort and at no additional cost.

The platform

All current Adhocracy participation modules are applied to meinBerlin: Idea collection, brainstorming, text commenting, surveys and map-based participation modules. In addition, specific modules have been developed for meinBerlin, such as participatory budgeting, neighbourhood funds and development plans. Citizens can participate in all ongoing projects with a single registration and the easy-to-use administration interface allows administrative staff to configure all processes.

In the meantime, the Berlin districts and senate administrations have surveyed citizens online for almost 300 projects and received over 100,000 ideas, comments and answers to surveys. Since 2018 there has been a significant increase in initiated projects and users. This can also be attributed to the various training courses that we conducted together with the Senate Chancellery for Administrative Employees: "MyBerlin has become an indispensable part of people's minds", for example the feedback of a training participant. The noise action plan implemented in 2018, for example, provides concrete measures to reduce noise.

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