since 2014
ca. 10.000
Regierender BĂĽrgermeister von Berlin - Senatskanzlei

The development of meinBerlin is one of our most ambitious projects. meinBerlin is the central e-participation platform for the German capital and its region. The platform is the main entry point and toolbox for all e-participation opportunities initiated by the city administration. The goal is to centralize all the different participation processes happening at the regional, city and district level and to make it much easier for citizens to find and take part in them. On top of that, by offering a standardized set of participation modules, the platform makes it easier and more efficient for the city administration to offer e-participation to its citizens.


Die Plattform

Most of Berlin’s participation processes can already be found on the platform. They range from participatory budgets, urban planning processes and surveys to dialog and debate processes. If the processes are directly implemented with meinBerlin, one central login is enough for citizens to take part in them. To make the diverse set of processes possible, meinBerlin uses the wide array of tools offered by our open source software Adhocracy: idea collections, commenting of text paragraphs, map-based processes, surveys and a flexible categorization system for user ideas. For the administration an easy-to-use administration interface can be used to configure the different processes.

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