OffeneKommune is a neutral infrastructure platform for municipal citizen participation. The aim is to facilitate a direct dialogue between citizens, municipalities and organisations, in which communal concerns can be discussed together and solution concepts developed in a transparent manner. As a free participation platform, is freely accessible to everyone and invites all social actors to contribute to discussions and decision-making processes. In this way, citizens are also given the opportunity to actively contribute their views and ideas, to put them to the vote, and to help shape decisions.

The platform OffeneKommune

In total, over 400 municipalities participated in the project and registered 52,370 users who submitted 360 suggestions and 634 comments. As a result, the OffeneKommune project was able to contribute to a targeted exchange between municipal bodies and civil society.

The OffeneKommune platform has been archived since 2017. Further information can be found here.

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