Our Software

We develop open source online-tools to make discussions and decision-making processes more transparent, efficient and democratic.

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Our software and concepts are driven by a user-centered design approach

What is Adhocracy?

Adhocracy was created as an online-tool to facilitate decision-making through cooperative discourse, delegation and voting. The tool is a free and open source project continually under development.

Democratic decision-making processes based on digital media need to meet high security standards in order to be seen as trustworthy by users. One aspect of this is transparency - Adhocracy is available for download under the AGPL open source license. A bottom-up process moderated by user activity ensures that projects and processes do not need to be actively moderated by Liquid Democracy team members.

Further, the use of a free license allows interested parties to customize Adhocracy to meet the specific needs they face. In addition to general improvements to the software, we also aim to optimize the Adhocracy software in order to make it suitable for various participation scenarios.

Our Code is Open Source

We believe strongly that software should be open source. Especially since our tools should facilitate and open up discussions and decision making on important social topics. Therefore, we release our software under an AGPL license on GitHub and it is there for you to use, adapt and share. 

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Conceptualising open-source Software is a team effort