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OPIN.me is a European platform for digital youth participation which aims to make it easy to let youth take part in decision-making. The project is developed in close co-operation with an international consortium titled “EUth – Tools and Tips for Mobile and Digital Youth Participation in and across Europe” The project is funded via the Horizon 2020 program by the European Commission.

OPIN Screen

View of a participation project on OPIN

OPIN offers a toolbox for youth organizations or public administrations which want to reach young people and involve them in decision-making processes. Initiators on the platform can chose from seven templates to easily create their own participation project. The platform will also offer tipps and guidelines on how to implement successful participation processes for youth. Currently the platform is in its second pre-release version and it is tested by several organizations across Europe.

Participation process

OPIN is built to make it easy to create several participation projects in your organization space. OPIN was created as part of the Horizon2020 project EUth, which lasted from March 2015 until February 2018. 


OPIN currently has more than 3.000 registered users and was used by 40 organizations. OPIN allows young people to be involved directly in the creation of policy proposals, idea challenges, polls and urban planning decisions. During the project development an Open Call was realized that  financed 10 youth participation projects with 10.000 euros each. In one of the projects with the most immediate impact in policy making the Maltese government’s youth agency asked for youth’s input into legislation to make marijuana legal (go to the project). The proposals and ideas collected on OPIN were handed to the Maletese governement in 2017 (go to the project on OPIN). Liquid Democracy and its partner Nexus Institute will maintain OPIN. OPIN is free to use for non-profit organizations in the field of youth work. Go here to set up your project on OPIN. 

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