politik-digital e.V.

We break new ground for participatory processes with our project Aula. Schools are where the youth learn how to actively take part in social and political debates and where they learn to become active citizens. It should be self-evident that schools not only theoretically study how democratic processes work but that they practically experience them as well. With our platform Aula, we make it possible for the youth to shape their school.

The idea space of the Aula platform

The platform makes it possible to make suggestions for improving everyday school life. The best ideas are then discussed, improved and selected by the pupils in a multi-stage process. A special feature is the function of the voice delegation, i.e. the flexible transmission of one's own voice to other users* of the platform - one of the core elements of the Liquid Democracy. We have implemented Aula under the direction of Marina Weisband from politik-digital e.V., with support from the Federal Agency for Civic Education. In autumn 2016 the project ran in a first pilot phase at four schools in different locations in Germany. In the meantime, Aula has become part of the school curriculum at many schools in Germany. Here you can find out which schools are doing exactly that.

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