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politik-digital e.V.

We break new ground for participatory processes with our project Aula. Schools are where the youth learn how to actively take part in social and political debates and where they learn to become active citizens. It should be self-evident that schools not only theoretically study how democratic processes work but that they practically experience them as well. With our platform Aula, we make it possible for the youth to shape their school.

Aula Screen

The idea space of the Aula platform

The platform makes it possible for students to post ideas and requests for improvement in different categories of school life. The ideas go through a multi-stage idea challenge process and are discussed, improved and finally voted upon by the students. A special aspect of Aula is the platform’s use of vote delegation, which is a flexible way for any student to delegate their vote to other students – one of the core concepts of Liquid Democracy. Politik-digital with Marina Weisband lead the projects implementation at four German pilot schools, where it is currently tested and maintained by students.

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