Advocate Europe

since 2015
Stiftung Mercator, MitOst e.V.

In times when a unified Europe cannot be taken for granted anymore, good solutions are badly needed. The idea challenge Advocate Europe therefore funds innovative projects to strengthen a European civil society. By using an online platform and drawing on feedback from the community, the selection of the funded projects becomes much more transparent and open. Advocate Europe is a true innovation for how fundations operate.

Advocate Europe 2017/18 Mockup in its 2017/18 incarnation

Together with the German non-profit MitOst e.V. and funded by the foundation Stiftung Mercator we created an online platform for the idea challenge. On the platform, the project ideas can be published and discussed by as well as voted upon by the community. The topics of the idea challenge range from political education, intercultural undertstanding, social and democratic innovation to the humanities and arts. The initiators of the projects get a grant to start their projects as well as support for realizing their ideas. On the online platform they can also connect with each other. The next round of Advocate Europe is set to begin at the end of 2017.

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