SPD Programmwerkstatt

July 2020 – November 2020
SPD Parteivorstand

On the path to the SPD government program for the 2021 federal election, all party members can get involved online. The SPD's program workshop discusses the urgent issues of the future - a discussion that will feed directly into the consultation process for the government program. The debate is divided into six topic clusters:

  • Services of general interest & everyday life worth living
  • Sustainable economy & good work
  • Digital & social progress
  • Growing up well & strong family
  • Europe, peace and the world
  • Freedom and security in harmony
Zu sehen ist ein Laptop auf dessen Bildschirm die Startseite des Beteiligunsprojektes Programmwerkstatt der SPD zu sehen ist.
The SPD Programmwerkstatt

On the platform, which was implemented on the basis of our open source software Adhocracy, all SPD members are invited to share their ideas. In addition, existing ideas can be commented on and supplemented. The aim is for participants to enter into an exchange with each other on the six major topics. This is how digital party work can work!

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