Sept. 5, 2019

Invitation to Innocracy Conference 2019

On 10 October, the Innocracy Conference 2019 will take place in Berlin. The topic of this year's gathering is the transformation of democracy in challenging times.

Global warming, the digital revolution and social inequality put modern democracy to test. The institutions of the modern democratic state are designed for the challenges of a different era. Therefore, they struggle to meaningfully respond to an increasingly disruptive environment.

Change-makers from both civil society and politics face the pressing question: How must we transform democracy to make it fit for the future? What are the levers for developing and realising reforms that enable a democratic, sustainable and inclusive future?

To transform democracy, we must imagine alternatives to the status quo – and realise them via the democratic political process. This is why we devote this year’s Innocracy Conference to the “How” of democratic transformation. How can the political system successfully reform itself? How can society and politics rediscover their transformative potential?

Over 20 speakers and workshop hosts from all across Europe will come together to discuss ideas and concepts to transform democracy.

Innocracy 2019 is hosted by the independent think-tank Das Progressive Zentrum and funded by the German Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth. Find more information about the conference and further partners on the Innocracy 2019 website.

This year Liquid Democracy will be there again as a partner organization.