What is Liquid Academy?

With Liquid Academy you can improve your knowledge of online participation. We are convinced that a strong democracy thrives on communication and participation in decision-making processes - also via digital channels. That's why we've created Liquid Academy as a place where you can learn about digital democracy through articles, videos and webinars, and get help for your own participation project. Liquid Academy is updated monthly to provide you with fresh content regularly.

Auf dem Bild ist eine Hand zu sehen, die ein Schild mit der Aufschrift "We demand Democracy" in die Höhe hällt. Im Hintergrund ist verschwommen ein Rieserad und blauer Himmel zu sehen.

Liquid Democracy: Theory & Vision

With the contents of this section we want to introduce you to Liquid Democracy, the ideas behind it and the vision. We would like to take a closer look at Liquid Democracy as a concept, but also explain the history of our and other organisations. Because the vision and how it has been implemented and developed in Germany, Europe and the world over the last few years is significantly connected to the work of committed actors in the field of digital democracy.

Digital civil society

Every day, decisions are made by politicians and companies that influence our digital lives. To ensure that these decisions are in the best interest of users, there is a digital civil society, i.e. organisations that advocate for the protection of users' rights online. Topics that are relevant for civil society exchange on the internet are, for example, open source standards, mass surveillance, digitalisation of administration, hate on the net or digital politics in general. You can find more information on these topics, exciting demands from digital civil society and explanations of why it is worthwhile to campaign for basic digital rights.

Online participation in practice

This topic area is about digital democracy in action. The content deals with the whole spectrum of online participation projects: Planning, implementation, moderation and evaluation. We present practical examples of good online participation, give tips on how to implement digital participation formats and refer to exciting research and studies of digital participation projects and what advice they can give us for the implementation of projects in the future.

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