We innovate democracy by developing digital tools for citizen participation.

Democratic decision-making can be improved in many different fields of society. Our mission is to promote the advantages of online participation in all kinds of contexts, from international organisations to small local initiatives.

We do research within a network of academics and practitioners
We develop free software
We turn our theory into practice

»Liquid Democracy is not dogmatic. Our iterative approach to developing methods and tools allows for innovation and is open and applicable to existing structures.«
 Daniel Reichert, Founder

About us

We are a non-party, non-profit association based in Berlin. We like to describe ourselves as a think & do tank. Since 2009, we have been working on innovative concepts and methods for citizen participation. The key element of our work is the development of Adhocracy, a free software which serves as a digital participation tool. It offers various functions for the different needs of our users. In addition, we are developing Thentos, an identity management system which ensures privacy during complex participation processes.

We cooperate with a wide range of institutions: from political parties to small initiatives, municipalities and federal institutions, international organisations and local initiatives.

Liquid Democracy is also an innovative concept of participatory democracy. Participation is a key to individual empowerment and active citizenship. Our work is based on the belief that democracy in its current state should be more dynamic and allow for more participation. The fix elements and structures of representative democracy should thus be »liquefied«.

As a method, Liquid Democracy uses digital technology to integrate individuals in decision-making. The design of our technology ensures a low-threshold and efficient participation that is time and place independent.