Die Linke – Elektronische Programmdebatte

Februar – Oktober 2011
Bundesvorstand der Partei DIE LINKE

The party DIE LINKE used our platform Adhocracy.de in 2011 to develop its party program more participatory. With a decision at the programme convention in Hanover in November 2010, DIE LINKE decided to officially use Adhocracy.de for an "electronic programme debate" and thus to start a broad-based discussion of the programme, which can be conducted beyond the borders of district and regional associations.

From February 2011, Adhocracy.de made it possible to propose changes to the draft programme and then to vote in a second phase. The proposals made on Adhocracy.de were included in the debate on an equal footing with proposals from events and party divisions, were summarized in a synopsis by the party editors and then discussed by the party executive. 

participation process

  • Duration: approx. 8 months (February - October 2011)
  • Functions used: Idea Collection/Suggestion Function


With its nationwide use of an online participation platform for the programme debate, DIE LINKE was the first party after the German Pirate Party to open its party work in this way. This made it possible for the first time to directly influence the positions of a party represented nationwide with lists, even as a non-member. 1,494 members followed the online discussion on Adhocracy.de and participated in the electronic program debate with 182 contributions and 820 comments.


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