June 3, 2019

We join in - city cycling for a good climate!

The STADTRADELN competition is about having fun cycling, cycling members of local parliaments, great prizes, but above all about getting as many people as possible to switch to cycling in their everyday lives and thus making a contribution to climate protection. In Berlin, kilometres can be collected diligently from 02.06-22.06.2019. Also present: 19 parliamentarians.

Kilometres driven and impact

Objectives of the campaign 

The objectives of the STADTRADELN campaign are therefore the activation of local authorities, in particular local politicians for cycling issues. City and municipal councilors, city councillors and municipal representatives, etc. set the course for the promotion and planning of cycling in municipalities and are role models when they get themselves into the saddle. For non-everyday cyclists, STADTRADELN offers the opportunity to experience their own community from the perspective of a driver and discover the advantages of cycling in everyday life.

For more information about city cycling and how YOU can set an example for climate protection in your community, click here.