14. Februar 2021

I love Free Software

Am 14. Februar ist I love Free Software Tag! Heute gestehen wir freier Software unsere Liebe. Lest euch unsere Liebeserklärungen durch, teilt sie auf Twitter und lest mehr über die Hintergründe des Tages bei der Free Software Foundation Europe.

i love FS 2

... because control over software is power. And power should be shared.

- Robert

... because system architecture needs to be democratic!

- Marie-Kathrin

… because it makes digital innovations accessible for everyone.

- Moritz

... because together we are stronger.

- Katharina S.

... because software should not be a black box, especially software for citizen participation!

- Frederik

... because it's accessible to everyone.

- Julian

... because it's transparent and comprehensible.

- Luca

... because it makes sustainability possible.

- Katharina M.