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Data Security and Privacy

We collect further information for you. Whether podcast, documentary or article, here you will find exciting and useful information about your privacy on the net and data security.


  • "More privacy means more democracy", and that's not all: in times of surveillance capitalism, privacy protection is essential to ensure freedom and ultimately democracy.
  • Google Alternative Guide - There are ethical alternatives for the Google-operated search engine, Analytics and the Chrome browser. And there are pretty good reasons why. explains 7 reasons why you should avoid Google in this article.

Tutorials & Tools

  • Data Detox - A guide on how to better manage your data and take care of your digital privacy.
  • Ethical Alternatives & Resources - Read for yourself how you can break free from the surveillance and dependencies of large technological corporations by simply using an ethical alternative.


  • Whose data? Our data! - The first OurVoices episode of openDemocracy is about a thought experiment. What would it be like if our data served the common good instead of private interests? Find out for yourself!
  • Your Undivided Attention, Episode #10: Rock the Voter - A very exciting interview from the Centre for Humane Technology with Brittany Kaiser about her time at Cambridge Analytica.

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